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the sun keeps moving and i will too...

What'll Be New at the Other Location?
  • A few pieces of content will be re-written to enhance your reader's vision of the Ryu world. Oh yeah, so that it makes a little more sense as a story, too.
  • New pictures enhanced with Adobe Photoshop; they look a lot better than Paint, trust me (or DIE!).
  • Hopefully some HTML stuff, which means FRAMES! YES! MWAHAHAHAHA--::cough cough:: yeah, and the scrolling marquee stuff, too.

Dragon Eye Ryunarasu is in progress of transferring data to a new site hosted by Geocities. This change is for the better of the site, due to the fact that the site creator (meh) will have a wider chance for creativity, and it will get me to learn some HTML stuff. Until then, DER is still available on Tripod. A link will be provided when the Geocities site is completed and available for viewing.
Thanks for supporting!